Aeroxess is an engineering company located in the heart of Munich / Germany.

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We are dedicated to line-of-sight (LOS) flight services based on UAVs with a max. total take-off weight of up to 25 kg so far.

In order to best serve the market needs for UAV-based flight services Aeroxess designs, integrates and tests its own UAVs. Except mechanical manufacturing, everything is done in-house.

Design Process

The overall UAV design is performed by in-house computational tools to determine the major requirements for the subsystems and components, like rotor diameters and number of rotors as well the required power ratings to operate the rotors for static, dynamic but also for emergency flight operations.

The needed calculation parameters such as rotor blade efficiencies but also motor efficiencies are measured by dedicated Aeroxess test & measurement rigs as explained below in order to verifiy parts specification if available.

The required light-weight mechanical design of the UAVs is performed by state-of-the-art CAD software allowing e.g. stress analysis by simulations of each designed mechanical part before it is released for manufacturing.

Mostly commercial-of-the-shelf equipment is used to electrically power the rotors and to dynamically control of the UAVs during flight. Same is valid for the combustion engines to power the HERCULES TWO UAV.

Test- and Measurement Capabilities

At Aeroxess test and measurements are empharised starting already during the design phase of an UAV and are conducted also during flight test phase.

Component Tests and Measurements

For wireless operated UAVs system- and equipment efficiency is beyond weight-minimised mechanics a major design aspect in order to reach max. flight durations.

Efficiency of the rotor depends on its size but also on the quality of the rotor blades. As blade specifications are hardly available from manufacturers Aeroxess developped its own test rig to determine the thrust- and power coefficents of rotor blades in order to get the so called blade quality term Zeta quantified.

Further test rigs were developped by Aeroxess to e.g. determine characteristics of combustion engines as used in the HERCULES TWO UAV.

There are more test rigs available e.g. for functionality tests of the belt clutch for the HERCULES TWO UAV but also for electric power tests of brushless motors and corresponding speed controllers.

These tests are performed parallel to the design phase of an UAV and allow to e.g. choose optimal transmission ratios to ensure that the component are operated in states with highest efficiencies.

Pre-Flight and Flight Measurements

Special test rigs are available for pre-testing flight dynamics on ground level. This is either performed by one complete rotor traverse additionally equipped with the corresponding dynamical flight controller or of complete UAVs in larger test rigs.

During these tests the dynamical control parameters for yaw, pitch and roll are optimised to achieve a maximum on flight dynamics but still at stable conditions. These test also comprise impacts of wind gusts generated by strong and slewing fans.

Once a newly designed UAV is ready for flight excessive test flights are performed to test system performance under real-world conditions and to allow further system optimisations.

Quality Assurance

During all tests and measurements the corresponding measurement values are detected by ceratin sensors and are recorded by data recorders over time with sample rates up to 20 samples / second. These data serve for further data evaluation to e.g. derive parameters of interest.

All designs and tests are minuted and references are given to the recorded data as well to fotos and videos taken during the tests.

The described design- and measurement processes of Aeroxess UG Company including their documentation ensure a high level of tracebility and thus are considered as a valuable contribution to quality assurance being a solid pillar for reliable UAV-based flight services.


November 15 - 17th, 2023:


International Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications;

Genoa, Italy



Aeroxess is co-organizing in the frame of the Special Sessions Program a session about UAV-Based Antenna Measurements & Applications.

The special session will be an unique opportunity to discuss this new antenna measurement technology with a very focused audience and will help you building up your network in this very new and challenging domain of beyond state-of-the-art antenna measurements.


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